In the biblical city of Caesarea Philippi there existed a pagan temple to the half beast God of Pan, whose job it was to guard the Gates of Hades, at the temple into the River Styx. It is here that Jesus asked the most penetrating question any Disciple can be asked or answer: WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM? Join the Christ Church Congregation for this Lent 2017 journey to the Cross through the close encounters with Jesus of true life biblical persons who answered this most critical of Questions: WHO DO YOU SAY THAT JESUS IS?


The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ created our faith and life.  The Season of Lent is the 40-Day period, not including Sundays, prior to Easter Sunday. Millennial Christians have followed the Season of Lent so as to remember and renew our Faith life, which is abundant and eternal.

Lent is observed as a time or repentance and renewal. We repent from our broken relationship with The Lord, by calling to mind the suffering and death of Jesus upon the Cross for not only our sins but for the sins of the whole world.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 1 and runs through Good Friday, April 14.


We are an Easter People with an Easter Faith. Holy Week is April 9-15, 2017. It commemorates and recalls to mind the 7-last days of Jesus earthly life that leads to the Resurrection to eternal life. 

  • Palm Sunday: Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem, hailed as the Messiah.
  • Maundy Thursday: The Upper Room where Jesus instituted Holy Communion; the Last Supper.
  • Good Friday: The death of Jesus, the Crucifixion on the Cross.
  • Easter Sunday: Jesus is Alive, He Has Risen from the Dead.

Now more than ever, our world needs to experience anew the Gospel of life and love through Jesus. 


 On Easter Sunday, we are asking our Christ Church community to bring flowers to decorate the large wooden cross in The Commons. Here is the story behind this Easter experience:

The rough wooden cross has been a stark reminder of Jesus’ crucifixion during the Lenten season, our season of reflection and repentance. Prior to Easter Sunday, the cross is covered with chicken wire, and on Easter Sunday, everyone places fresh flowers on the cross. In a short period of time, something quite ugly is transformed into an object of great beauty. The contrast between the starkly bare cross that worshipers have seen for 40 days and the living flowering cross of Easter Sunday dramatically and visually represents the new life that they are celebrating as they witness the very instrument of death and endings transformed into life and new beginnings. God took the ugliness of the cross, and made something beautiful out of it; this is an especially striking and beautiful way to symbolize and celebrate the new life that emerges from the death of Good Friday.

So on Easter Sunday, be sure to bring your flowers to decorate the Cross!