The Missions Ministry at Christ Church is funded through your Faith Promise. Faith promise giving is trusting God, by faith, to enable you to give, above your regular tithe to the church. 



The most important way for our church to support God’s work and the missionaries serving Him is to pray for them and the people they serve.


God’s work around the world needs your help. Sometimes, missionaries simply need cookies made, letters mailed, or just a call to recruit some volunteers for an upcoming project.


As members of Christ Church, we have the opportunity to give financially above and beyond our tithe to support our Missions Ministry budget. Through your Faith Promise, our church can take a holistic approach and commit financial support across missions and missionaries through a single financial commitment. The dollars received from your Faith Promise provides the financial resources that not only support our missionary partnerships, both locally and globally, but also allows us to support our short term mission teams, ongoing mission projects, and long term work.


Every member at our church is a missionary and as such we are called to “Go” and minister to a world in great need. This takes place in our own community, in our state, in our country, and around the world. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Faith Promise & Missions Approach

Still have questions about Faith Promise giving? Contact Marc Donaldson