In the fall of each year our members are given the opportunity to make a financial commitment for the next year. These pledges are important to our planning since they are used to establish our ministry budgets.
Your pledge commitment helps us to develop our general operating budget. You can make your commitment online or by completing a pledge commitment card located at the Welcome Center or in a pew in the Sanctuary. You may amend your pledge at any time by contacting the financial secretary at the church.
A great way to donate is by transferring stock ownership to us. You will save capital gains on the profit, and the church will sell the stock immediately and receive the sale value.
An endowment fund is a permanent fund that exists to provide long term support to the ministries and mission of the church. This is a permanent “nest egg” to perpetuate the Church’s values and long term goals. Our endowment fund is a permanent fund and only the earnings are spent. When funds are available they will support projects above and beyond normal budgeted items.
The elected Christ Church United Methodist Permanent Endowment Fund Committee oversees the investments and determines how the funds are distributed and used.
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In the midst of tax season and potential planning for your estate, we would like for you to consider the Christ Church United Methodist (CC-UM) Foundation as a destination for your deductible donations. For a deductible gift of $1,000 or more, you could start a fund for a cause close to your heart, or make a donation of any amount to support an existing fund. Existing funds include:
  • Prison Ministry Fund
  • Todd Thomas Mission Fund
  • Columbarium Fund
  • Vicky Oliver ALS Fund
  • General Fund
Perhaps these funds are not close to your heart, but you are moved to help children or youth, provide tuition assistance, help those with learning difficulties, enhance the music ministry, help maintain/upgrade the facility, expand/upgrade our Information Technology, etc. you can start a new fund and define, with agreement from the Foundation Committee, how it is to be used.
If you do decide to create or support an endowment, you should also check with your employer to see if your donation qualifies for a matching gift. All Foundation, the funds are managed by the Texas Methodist Foundation.
For more information about the CC-UM Foundation, please contact Steve Mordhorst, Business Manager at Christ Church at 936-273-2030 or contact a member of the Committee on Finance or the Christ Church Foundation. Lists of these individuals are available in the church offices.