A Thanksgiving Prayer

Father – As we gather around our Thanksgiving tables this week, loaded with food and surrounded by loved ones, may we not forget those who face this day dealing with death, divorce, or debt, those who are homeless, jobless, sick or alone. Jesus taught us to give thanks for all things, to be grateful when our hands are full or when they are empty, but that can be really difficult when we are caught up in the storms of life. May we keep in mind that all gratitude is ultimately gratitude for Christ and that thanksgiving is the only response we can give to God’s gifts of creation, redemption and salvation. May we praise God and thank Him, not for what we have or don’t have, not for the circumstances of our lives, but for His saving grace. Amen

[This prayer was written by Karen Smith and was originally prayed on 11/24/13 in The Well at Christ Church United Methodist in The Woodlands, TX.]