Conversation with God

Come and listen to my counsel. I’ll share my heart with you and make you wise. – Proverbs 1:23 NLT
Dear God, I would love to be like your servant Nehemiah, who lived with a constant sense of your presence. Your Word shows that his life was a moment-by-moment conversation with you, even as he pursued his ambitious agenda to rebuild the protective walls of Jerusalem. How can I grow more aware of you speaking in my life? Perhaps I could put a Post-it note on my computer to remind me to breathe a quick prayer whenever I sit down to work. Or I could set my cell phone alarm to sound every sixty minutes and then take  thirty seconds to review how you have been with me the last hour and ask you to help me in the hour ahead. The point is, I need to take time to listen to you so our relationship can grow. My spiritual maturity is often hindered by my inattention. I show up, but I come with an agenda and a list of demands. I’m sorry, God. I’m tired of m own voice and I want to hear yours. Please speak to me. I’m ready to listen. Amen.
[from 365 Pocket Prayers by Ronald A. Beers]