Disciple Fast Track Bible study offers a comprehensive overview and introductory study of the Holy Bible from the Book of Genesis through Revelation. It is a 24-Week Study contained within two self-contained sessions of Session I Old Testament and Session II The New Testament. Participants will receive a working knowledge of the Holy Bible that will facilitate life-long learning and study of the Bible. There is absolutely no prerequisite for the Bible study except a desire to learn about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God’s Covenant of Salvation.
Anyone who desires to know God’s love, to experience God’s life and plan, and any disciple who desires to grow in their faith relationship with Jesus must study the Holy Bible, God’s authoritative and inspired Word.
Disciple Bible Study offers a working knowledge of the Bible that will give direction to and facilitate a life of learning and faith formation.
Fall and Spring Sessions every year
Session I—Old Testament (12 Weeks)
Session II—New Testament (12 Weeks) 
Wednesday evening class, 6:15 PM
Daniel Hannon, Senior Pastor & Class Facilitator


CLICK HERE for online registration ($17 per session)
Registration Includes: Study Manual, Reading Guide, and DVD presentations.
Questions? Email Karen Smith