Dr. Hannon’s Retirement

Dr. Dan Hannon is retiring as our Senior Pastor of Christ Church United Methodist, we are so very happy for the new adventures we know Dr. Dan and Judy will soon be enjoying. Before we can let them leave, we want to celebrate Dr. Dan and truly honor him for his 28 years of service and leadership with Christ Church.  I know you are ready to help celebrate and are eager to know the plans.

When: Sunday, June 2nd
Time:  12:15p.m. – 2:00p.m.       
Where:  Christ Church United Methodist, The Commons
The “Retirement Planning Committee” has selected a large gift to present to Dr. Dan and Judy on behalf of our CC-UM family.  As Dr. Dan reads everything, we can’t disclose just what this gift is in this email.  We can guarantee that you will love the gift as much as they will.
What we are asking of the congregation is to contribute to a “Love Offering”.  The “Love Offering” will be used to purchase the gift.  Any funds remaining will be given to them as an “additional Love Offering”.
  • Checks – If writing a check, please note on the Memo line it is for Dr. Dan’s Love Offering
  • Online – There is also a place to designate a specific reason for the donation. Again, designate the reason is for Dr. Dan’s Love Offering
  • If Cash, please leave at the Welcome Center with your full name and ensure whoever you leave with, puts it in an envelope designated as Dr. Dan’s Love Offering.
  • Send all Love Offerings by May 31st

Next, we are creating a Memory Book to be presented to Dr. Dan and Judy on June 2nd.  Here is how you can contribute to make it special:

  • Do you have a short favorite memory of a time shared with Dr. Dan and/or Judy?  Jot it down and send in an email to Steve Basham by April 30th at stephenbasham@att.net
  • Do you have a favorite photo with Dr. Dan and/or Judy? Maybe way back to the Community Center or one of the various events at the church?
    • Email the photo to Steve Basham with a description of the picture by April 30th at stephenbasham@att.net
    • Photo need to be scanned? Write description of the picture and write your name on the back of the picture (so it can be returned) and drop off at the Welcome Center.  We will collect in a picture basket.
For questions please contact Nancy Davis