Current Openings

Position Title: Facilities Maintenance Engineer

Position Status:  Full Time/Salaried

Reports To:  Operations Manager

Position Scope:
The Facilities Maintenance Engineer is responsible for ensuring that the church’s physical facilities, equipment, systems, and grounds are properly maintained and repaired or replaced as needed to ensure the church’s readiness and ability to successfully carry out its mission and ministries.    The incumbent reports to and supports the church Operations Manager.  The incumbent must be able to establish and maintain good working relationships with other staff members, volunteers and the congregation in general.  He or she may be tasked with additional responsibilities as deemed appropriate and necessary by Clergy. 


Nature of Working in Church Environment:
The Facilities Maintenance Engineer must be spiritually and emotionally mature, a committed Christian, a regular participant in the life of a church, and be able to see and share his/her work as ministry.  The incumbent must be able to distinguish between a church environment, which depends heavily upon its volunteers, versus a secular environment, which works mostly with paid employees.  This distinction is critical to the function and success of the position.  As a part of the Christian community, it is imperative that the incumbent understand that he or she is viewed as an example of Christian virtues and must be sensitive not to violate these virtues through behavior, attitude, actions or speech.   The unique nature of the church environment makes such attributes as friendliness and positive attitude absolutely critical.