Family First Worship

Family First is a worship experience designed specifically for children and their families. We will offer this special service on the first Sunday of every month during our 9:30 am worship hour. 

This 45-minute worship service focuses on a monthly faith-filled service. With themes relevant to the lives of children and families. At any given service, you might experience this theme through art, drama, hymns, puppetry, sign language, science, and current events. Scripture, song, and prayer are part of every service. 
Family First offers children and parents a chance to serve in leadership roles. They may serve as ushers, musicians, liturgists, dancers, artists, puppeteers, and guest speakers. It is the role of the adults to facilitate, coach, and let the children shine. Parents are the primary spiritual leaders of their families and we seek to give parents, grandparents, and mentors shared experiences and        tools on which to help the children worship God in this monthly        service.