Frequently Asked Questions
In Person Worship: We anticipate opening the church for In-Person Worship Sunday, May 24. Service Times will be 8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 AM. Doors will open 15 Minutes before Worship and close 15 minutes after the service has started. This should help minimize movement within the Sanctuary.
Will I have to wear a mask? Yes, We have decided to take extra precautions in light of these new developments. We will require that all who are on church campus on Sunday mornings wear a mask at all times. Masks are required for 8:30; 9:45; and 11:00 services.  All staff will be wearing masks unless participating in worship.
On-line Worship: We will continue to offer worship online at 11:00 AM. 
How safe will the Sanctuary be? Our facilities team is working to have an Antimicrobial deep cleaning done on May 13. This will help keep germs from sticking to surfaces for 90 days. Before, during, in-between and after each service, Bathrooms and all surfaces will be wiped down. We will be removing hymnals, Bibles, and pew pads for now. Please feel free to bring your own Bible.
Social distancing: We will have the ushers to help keep people apart in the sanctuary and you are being asked to help with that. While we understand that we are all anxious to see one another, at this time we will need to keep social distancing best practices. We will close off every-other pew as well. Ushers will seat the Sanctuary front to back.
Will I get a bulletin? For now we will not be passing out a printed bulletin. Please continue to use the Weekly Eblast for all information.
Collection Plates: We will not be passing the collection plates; we will instead have baskets at the back of the sanctuary.
Passing of the Peace: We will not be shaking hands or hugging (we really want to) instead we will have passing of the peace in the form of a wave or a thumbs up.
Dismissal: We will have the ushers dismiss by rows starting in the back to help us stay 6 feet apart.
Communion: During Phase one, we will not have Communion at the end of the service. We are working through safely having communion on 1st Sunday. Communion will be distributed by Pastors and staff only.
Nursery & Childcare: The nursery & childcare will not be open available at this time. There is no way to social distance young children.
Children & Student Ministry: Our directors are working on safe ways to add activities back and will continue all of the virtual activities they have had available.
Coffee: We will not have the coffee station available during this time. We ask that we do not bring refreshments to share at this time.
Sunday School: At this time and until further notice We will not be opening classrooms for small groups and Sunday School. 
Outside Group: At this time and until further notice We will not be opening classrooms for outside groups.
Please understand that this is all subject to change.