Prayer opens our hearts to the power of God’s love. Prayer is how we become channels of God’s love for the world. Prayer is a gift from God – He wants to hear from us!
Pray for Others – If you would like to be part of Christ Church’s prayer chain and receive emails with prayer requests from our congregation, please contact Karen Smith.
The Prayer Tree is located in The Commons and a part of the Prayer Ministry. Complete a prayer “leaf” and it will be prayed over by the church.
To submit a prayer request, you may send an email message to If you would prefer a more private prayer request, you can contact Dr. Marc Donaldson.

Fear of the Future

I rise early before the sun is up; I cry out for help and put my hope in your words. – Psalm 119:147 NLT
Here I am, Lord, rising before the dawn, crying to You for help for that is the desperate state I am in. I fear what this day may bring, or if not this day, the next. Your Word is the only relief, the only confidence, the only rock on which I can stand. Strengthen me with Your courage. You said You would never leave me nor forsake me. So come to me now. Rise within my spirit. Lift me up to the Rock that is higher than I. I want to soar like an eagle and fly into Your arms where I know I will be safe, protected, and loved. Keep Your hand upon me this day and all my days. Amen
[from Power Prayers to Start Your Day by Donna Maltese]


Promise of Restoration and Health

For I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the Lord. – Jeremiah 30:17 AMP
You are the healer of our wounds, the One who restores spirit, soul, and body. Thank You for blessing my life. As I spend this time with You, I feel Your touch upon me. Thank You, Jesus for coming into my life, for making me complete, for restoring me. All praise and glory to my Jehova-rapha, the Lord who heals! Amen.
[from Power Prayers to Start Your Day by Donna Maltese]