Prayer opens our hearts to the power of God’s love. Prayer is how we become channels of God’s love for the world. Prayer is a gift from God – He wants to hear from us!
Pray for Others – If you would like to be part of Christ Church’s prayer chain and receive emails with prayer requests from our congregation, please contact Karen Smith.
The Prayer Tree is located in The Commons and a part of the Prayer Ministry. Complete a prayer “leaf” and it will be prayed over by the church.
To submit a prayer request, you may send an email message to If you would prefer a more private prayer request, you can contact Dr. Marc Donaldson.

Testimony of Believers

They were heartily welcomed by the church and the apostles and the elders, and they told them all that God had accomplished through them. – Acts 15:4 AMP   Lord, when I hear what other people say You have done in their lives, their testimonies buoy my own faith. It gives me chills when I hear of the wonders of Your deeds. Give me the courage to share my testimony with others, knowing this will draw unbelievers to You and strengthen the hearts of those who already know You. Thank You, Lord, for hearing my prayer. Amen.  

Power Prayers to Start Your Day
by Donna Maltese]


Running to God

As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. – Psalm 42:1-2 NASB   I have been running, running, running in all different directions, but I need to run to You now and stay here in Your presence. I am thirsting for You as I have never thirsted before. My future looks bleak. I cannot see beyond my troubles. But I now focus on Your light. It warms my skin, touches my heart, and speaks to my soul. I  join my spirit with Yours and rest here at Your feet. Amen.   [from Power Prayers to Start Your Day by Donna Maltese]