Call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory. – Psalm 50:15 NLT
Dear Jesus, the disciples were your devoted followers, yet they seemed so surprised when  dangerous storm on the Sea of Galilee threatened their lives. Perhaps they thought that being your followers excluded them from facing life’s trials. I sometimes have this same expectation. Yet in the midst of a crisis, the disciples still knew where to turn for help. Their story is proof that even the most spiritually hardy still face crises that shake them to the core. Just as the disciples called out to you for rescue, I know I can call out to you when I face my own life storms. When I call out to you, your presence breaks through my fears and calms my heart, even as the storms of life continue to rage around me. Thank you for calming the storm. Amen.
[from 365 Pocket Prayers by Ronald A. Beers]